Client installation

To participate in the monitoring, the minimum required is an installation of the Netmap client. This is a requirement for H3ABioNet nodes.

Preparation Installation Steps (use "apt-get" instead of "yum" for Debian-based flavours of Linux)
  1. First we install iperf, traceroute, python, python-pip:
  2. $ sudo yum install iperf traceroute python python-pip
  3. Then we install boto:
  4. $ sudo -E pip install boto
  5. We create a local folder for the netmap client:
  6. $ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/share/netmap_client
  7. We fetch the latest version on the netmap
  8. $ wget $ sudo cp ./ /usr/local/share/netmap_client
  9. We copy the appropriate credentials-XXX.csv file that was created for your group, and place it in /usr/local/share/netmap_client
  10. $ sudo cp ./credentials-XXX.csv /usr/local/share/netmap_client/
  11. If it doesn’t run you might need to change the permissions:
  12. $ sudo chmod u+x /usr/local/share/netmap_client/
  13. Move in the credentials file
  14. $ sudo cd /usr/local/share/netmap_client/ $ sudo mv credentials-XXX.csv credentials.csv
  15. We test our client by running as follows
  16. $ sudo ./ Note, on some machines you may need to specify the python explicitly $ sudo python ./
  17. Now, we install a cronjob by typing:
  18. $ sudo crontab -e
  19. Then we add the following line to the cronfile that gets displayed, to tell the cronjob to run every 15 minutes:
  20. */15 * * * * /usr/local/share/netmap_client/ -c /usr/local/share/netmap_client/credentials.csv

Endpoint installation

A Netmap endpoint is just an iperf server. Running an endpoint is not a requirement for H3ABioNet nodes, but has some additional advantages:

The prerequisites for running an endpoint are:

  • Contact the H3ABioNet helpdesk if you need assistance with this.